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Best "Magosto" festival in Spain

Are you looking for a pleasant and charming stay in our region?  A fun time for young and old alike?  Then look no further than Canedo “Magosto” festival. 

Located in welcoming Canedo, a village 18Km from Ponferrada in the north-west of Spain, the festival takes place each year over a long weekend in early November. What was a local festival 20 years ago, now brings people from different places of Spain as well as foreign visitors.

What does “Magosto” mean ?  Magosto  is a traditional celebration in our region whose name is Bierzo. Magosto festival is mainly centred on the roast chestnuts and a delightful and interesting visit to the winecellars to taste our famous carbonic maceration wine. It goes without saying that children and young people have smoothies, soft drinks and delicious sweets.

There’s also live music evenings at Canedo Manor House.

If entertainment is your thing, Canedo Manor House is the place for you: There’s a wealth of possibilities, from shopping to admiring the scenery. Visitors can have a good time shopping for high-quality goods, such as jams, fruit preserves, spirits and local wines among others, or even consumer goods like toiletries, home decoration and handycrafts for instance.

As well as the food and gift shop, they can look in amazement at this welcoming village of extensive vineyards and beautiful views, from the Manor House balcony.

All in all, Canedo’s Magosto festival is a worthwhile experience. Come and have a whale of a time in Canedo Manor House – don’t miss it!!




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